This site is dedicated to all the members of the Burbank Muzzle Loaders club. There are members from when the club was located in the Saugus/Newhall area, to new members that have only known the Piru area. No matter how long or how short you have been a member, this is a site for you. Hopefully, it will bring in some new people who would like to know more about muzzle loading, and did not know where to ask questions or find a place to shoot close to them. This is a club full of wonderful and helpful men, and women!!


Burbank Muzzleloaders August Newsletter

Burbank Muzzleloaders Newsletter August 2020

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  Bulletin  FIRE in Holzer canyon car started it 8-10 20 2:45 pm. No further details for now.

            It’s HOT in Southern California! Nevertheless, the show must go on, and it certainly has at the range with Burbank Muzzleloaders. Are we men or mice? Yes, I understand that mice still run in the heat. Anyway, on August 9th, the club held a silhouette match at the usual yardages with chickens, pigs, turkeys, and rams at 50, 70, 80, and 100 yards, respectively. The author was absent for this match, so he had to rely on a secondary source who shall remain anonymous. “We all sucked!” said he. Nevertheless, there’s always a winner, and it’s especially the case in a small pond! Lee and Sam both tied for first with 8; Tom was second with 6, and Jannu and John tied for third with 5.

            Do we need to emphasize that it’s hot?!?! The show will go on, for Burbank Muzzleloaders’ next match will be another fifth-Sunday walkthrough on August 30th. Could it be YOU who will win the cumulative prize of four Morgan dollars and a genuine 1883 racketeer nickel, all graciously donated by Tom Trevor? Don’t count yourself out. This will be the fourth cumulatively scored match of 2020 with the last on November 29th. Perhaps YOU could pass that racketeer nickel on and get $4.95 in change; what a racket! The key is just to plop it on the counter and not say a thing. That’s how Josh Tatum was able to do it and be acquitted after months and months of plopping it down. He was quite “dumb.”

            Moving right along…the major upcoming shindig of the club is Tom Trevor’s annual Springfield Trapdoor rifle match, which will be held on September 13th. If you’re not shooting a muzzleloader at the club, you’re most likely shooting a Trapdoor in .45-70. Well, folks, here it is. This is THE match, and you’re up against legendary Tom Trevor’s 200-yard bench-rest shot. Can you get it together by then? You’ll have 15 shots at 200 yards for a total of 75 possible points. Also, don’t forget that this is the time to dust off that Springfield carbine (that you seem to shoot only once a year) for 15 shots off-hand at 100 yards. Lastly, don’t put that long rifle away just yet because you’ll have a bonus round of five shots off-hand at the 500-yard dinger. May it ring proudly!

            You see, folks? Life goes on even in a pandemic, so don’t forget about Burbank Muzzleloaders, the place to shoot!



Shooter of the Year

  Artie Sam Lee John Tom T. Jannu L Eric B.     Jeff Eley SKIP    
January - Shooter Year 8 12 20 16 4
February - Silhouette 14 10 6 3 6 4
March - Cart. Walk-Thru 8 12 20 4 16
April - Silhouette 1 12 10 2 10 1
May - Musket 20 16 12 4 8
June - Silhouette 5 12 10 3 7
July - Benchrest 8 20 16 12 8
August - Silhouette 7 7 4 5 5
September - Springfield Rifle 4 20 12 16 8
October - Silhouette
November - Turkey
December -
X-mas Agg of 10
Total 0 75 121 110 45 80 17 0 0 0 0 0 0
Artie Sam Lee John Tom T. Jannu L Eric B. Jeff Eley SKIP




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