This site is dedicated to all the members of the Burbank Muzzle Loaders club. There are members from when the club was located in the Saugus/Newhall area, to new members that have only known the Piru area. No matter how long or how short you have been a member, this is a site for you. Hopefully, it will bring in some new people who would like to know more about muzzle loading, and did not know where to ask questions or find a place to shoot close to them. This is a club full of wonderful and helpful men, and women!!


Burbank Muzzleloaders November Newsletter

Burbank Muzzleloaders Newsletter November 2020

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            On November 8th, Burbank Muzzleloaders held its annual turkey shoot match, hosted by Jannu Lorentson. (For you softies, no live animals were hurt during the match!) Muzzleloader season is now in full swing, and the weather was rather chilly, which gave the match a real November feel. Members competed with patched round balls off-hand with five shots at 100 yards, ten at 50, and ten at 25. Without fail, humble Lee Bowman came in first with a whopping score of 206 out of 250 possible! Way to go, Lee! Without a doubt, your graceful poise is never to be underestimated. Also, (without fail) blind Sam Baseman managed to do extremely well even though he is in that “state” and managed to come out in second place. Perhaps we should all go “blind.” Jannu Lorentson came in third. The match culminated with a bonus round of a single timed shot. Shooters were to wait for a marble to start rolling down a switchback and had to pick up their rifle, aim, and fire their shot at a gummy bear (Did I say aim?) at 10 yards before the marble terminated in the can at the end. Accuracy wasn’t our strength under such circumstances, but John Clevenger managed to land a shot that was deemed the closest. Jannu’s prizes were quite diverse and consisted of delicious edibles (cannabis free, of course!), a genuine bar of redneck gold, high-quality solvents, beeswax, pouring spouts for black powder containers, and a personalized gift for each. The author wishes to say that he’s grateful for the Confederate currency, something that will really go well with his flamboyant outfits.

            Burbank Muzzleloaders’ next match, which will be held on November 29th, will be its fifth trail-walk match of the year. Come on out and show off those rustic rifleman skills and get those dingers on the hill! Don’t forget that this score will also go into the tally for the prize of four Morgan dollars and a genuine 1883 racketeer nickel, all generously donated by Tom Trevor.

            Additionally, the club’s legendary and most popular match, the Christmas shoot, is fast approaching and will be held on December 13th. Come one; come all and hang out for some great conversation with old members and regular guests who join us every year. Again, the match will be patched round balls with 10 rounds, each with three shots, at various targets, all at 25 yards. It really is the time to get into the Christmas spirit, so we hope you’ll make the effort to come on out.

            Along with the coming of fall, comes the need for another work party, which is scheduled for November 22nd. Come on out for some coffee and donuts (that you’ll bring, of course!) and contribute in any way you can to keep the range shipshape. After all, where else can you shoot in the grand fortuitous conditions that Burbank Muzzleloaders has to offer?

One last thing it's that time of year to consider the club dues Please try to get them to Tom or John before next January 1ST.  Tom Trevor 11552 Swinton Ave Granada Hills Ca. 91344 Same as last year if not sure ask me.

            Well, folks, that’s all for now. Don’t forget that…

We’re there Wednesdays and Sundays.

Bring whatever you have; we have the rest!

You’ll be greeted by grumpy old men, grousing and grumbling.

It’s what we do best!!



Shooter of the Year

  Artie Sam Lee John Tom T. Jannu L Eric B.     Jeff Eley SKIP    
January - Shooter Year 8 12 20 16 4
February - Silhouette 14 10 6 3 6 4
March - Cart. Walk-Thru 8 12 20 4 16
April - Silhouette 1 12 10 2 10 1
May - Musket 20 16 12 4 8
June - Silhouette 5 12 10 3 7
July - Benchrest 8 20 16 12 8
August - Silhouette 7 7 4 5 5
September - Springfield Rifle 4 20 12 16 8
October - Silhouette 13 10 3 10
November - Turkey 16 20 4 12 8
December -
X-mas Agg of 10
Total 0 104 151 114 48 102 25 0 0 0 0 0 0
Artie Sam Lee John Tom T. Jannu L Eric B. Jeff Eley SKIP




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