Newsletter May 2015

Burbank Muzzleloaders
Newsletter May 11 2015

Wikipedia defines “musket”, as a “muzzle loaded, smooth bored firearm, fired from the shoulder”. For years, we’ve been shooting the “musket” match with what is in reality a “rifled musket” from the mid-19th century. In recent years, most of the members with “rifled muskets” have either moved away, or passed away, so in the interest of keeping the match alive, we’ve basically opened up the match to any muzzle loading rifle that will fire either a conical bullet, or a round ball. However, if you HAVE an 1816 smooth bore musket, or a matchlock, wheel lock, snaphance, OR even an arquebus, you are encouraged to use it NEXT year.

Sunday the 10th, the SECOND Sunday of May, otherwise known as Mothers Day, eleven club members and guests gathered at the range to participate in what has become known as the Richard Kane/Will Johnson memorial “musket” match, sponsored by Jerry Griffiths. Targets were shot at 100, 50, and 25 yards.

1st place was taken by Lee Bowman, shooting a rifled musket. 2nd place was won by Sam Baseman, also shooting a rifled musket. 3rd place was Jannu Lorentsen, with a rifle, 4th place was John Clevenger, shooting a rifled musket, 5th place was Tom Trevor, shooting a rifled musket, followed by Skip Stokes, also shooting a rifled musket. The rest of the shooters were using rifles.

Up-coming matches will be a Trail-walk, on the 31st, followed by a silhouette match on the 14th of June.

On April the 18th, there was a memorial service held in Camarillo for Dave MacCaughtry. Several members of our club were in attendance. It was very nice memorial, with a number of Dave’s friends recalling memories of times that they experienced with him over the years. He will definitely be missed by many.

That about does it for now, so until next time, See you at the range!

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