April 2014

April 2014

April 6, 2014 kingssfan - No Comments


    March 30th was our “fifth Sunday trail walk that we have on the fifth Sunday of any month throughout the year that happens to have a fifth Sunday. It was a beautiful day with a high of about seventy degrees, and a light breeze that seemed to come from every direction. Eight shooters came out to exercise their rifleman skills at various distances along the “trail”. The course gets switched around from time to time, ensuring that you don’t have to fire at the same targets at the same distances every time we have this competition. The course of fire consists of twenty-five steel targets of various sizes and distances placed along the hillside as you move towards the back of the canyon. First place was “won” by John Clevenger, with a score of twenty. Second was Jannu Lorentsen with eighteen, followed by Sam Baseman with sixteen.

    On the SECOND Sunday of April, we held our silhouette match. Twenty rounds fired at steel animals placed at distances ranging from forty to one hundred meters. Only six people showed up for the fun and frustration, but we still had a good time! The weather was a little cool in the morning but warmed up for us a bit as we began shooting at nine o’clock. Jannu Lorentsen shot a score of thirteen out of twenty, with a “five in a row” pin for chickens. His attempt at ten in a row was unsuccessful. Second and third place was Sam Baseman, and John Clevenger with twelve points each. 

    Next months match will be the annual Will Johnson/ Richard Kane memorial musket match, held on May 11th, once again, the SECOND Sunday of the month. Generally we shoot paper targets for this match at twenty-five, fifty, and a hundred yards. So dust off that musket and bring it out along with about thirty rounds on May 11th. If you don’t have a musket, bring a muzzleloader of some sort out and we’ll let you join in the fun. THIS MATCH IS IN NEED OF A SPONSOR!! That means someone who will choose targets, set rules, and provide prizes for the match. I know of a certain Welsh born member who would be perfect for the job! 

      There are a few members that come out to shoot on Wednesdays only. Some of us that normally can only come out on Sundays haven’t seen you guys at a match in years. I hate to sound like a “guilt slinging mother” but it wouldn’t hurt you guys to come out and compete with us in a club match on Sunday once in a while. Besides that, we’d like to see how much you’ve aged. 

     The club would also like to thank Artie Hartington, for his donation of a new flag for the pole out front in the parking lot. The old one was getting a little faded. Thanks Artie!    


                      That’s it for now, so until next time, See You At The Range!


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